The C is for Community

Audio Drama :

Crime Voice/Preston Walker

Two friends have an...interesting conversation about the purpose and the power of communities and criminal punishments.

Production: Written and Edited by Matthew R. Wright

Produced by: DarkTree Audio

Horrortale Chapter 3

Comic Dub : Monster Kid

A dramatic reading of Sour Apple Studios horror comic, based on the popular indie game. Exploring the dark cause and effect of a murderous intruder.

Audio Drama : Edmund Green

This Shakespeare inspired 80's audio drama was written by Jake A. Smith during the Covid '19 lockdown in support of the charity Acting for Others. 

Move Over DJ Snake

Audio Drama: Erebus

From the production team of In The Pantheon, it's our first introduction to the Primordial of Darkness. When the gods find themselves back among the mortals in the new age, the gods find themselves in a bit of a scramble. The new find themselves old and the old find the new.

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